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Film, clay, glaze, paint, linoleum, graphite, crayon, oilstick, collage, gel, glue, string, wire, paper, marker, mylar, ink, pixels, and a few I've forgotten. As a painter and photographer – my current media – I'm a mark maker using many of these tools. 

My painting process is a combination of intuitive drawing, conscious shaping and layering, and the search for my spontaneous 5-year old self.

Marks are made and covered up, and imagery is created, erased, and re-imagined. Color, line, shape, plane, and found or created collage materials, arrange themselves to express what I

see, remember, and invent.

I have no idea what the painting will be at the start. Each begins with crayon/paint marks, and then a conversation between my arm, eyes, feelings, thoughts, and the painting takes over.


As a photographer, my eye selects views, structures and angles. Once captured, I modify the image using editing software as drawing tools.


play with the shapes and lines, and alter exposure, color, contrast, surface, light and other elements to find the mood, energy, and connection with the viewer I want.

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