Susan Finsen  


Jill Finsen and Susan Finsen at Tilia Gallery July 4 – 31

Tilia Gallery, recently relocated from Blue Hill to Brooklin, presents “Clothes Encounters.” My sister Jill and I were inspired by Tilia’s clothing line called “Worn Whites.” Jill's oil paintings embody a tension between familiarity and abstraction, drawing viewers in, yet leaving unresolved their placement within the imagined space. For this show she returned to her clothesline series where one can almost smell the clothing drying on a breezy day. My mixed media paintings incorporate old clothing patterns and images of dress forms and shirts into my abstract paintings, and as usual my work process is influenced by the search for my spontaneous, intuitive, and exuberant 5-year old self. Tilia Gallery is located at 10 Mountain Ash Road, Brooklin Maine (781-799-4091). The reception for “Clothes Encounters” is July 4, from 10 to 4.