Susan Finsen - Mark Maker

© 2018 Susan Finsen
105 N Union #334
Alexandria VA 22314
My process is a combination of intuitive drawing, conscious shaping and layering, and the search for my spontaneous 5-year old self. I have no idea what the painting will be when I start; each one begins with crayon and paint markings, and then a conversation between my arm, eyes, feelings, thoughts, and the surface of the painting takes over.
Marks are made and covered up, imagery is created, erased, and reimagined. Color, line, shape, plane, and found/created collaged materials arrange themselves to express what I see, remember, and invent.
A founding member of the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria Virginia, I am a resident artist in Studio 334 for most of the year.  In summer, my studio moves to Maine. As part of the Smalling–Finsen Studio + Gallery in Penobscot, a member of the Deer Isle Artists Association in Deer Isle Village, and a summer resident of Brooksville, I'm inspired by, and grateful for, the direct connection to nature and wonderful friendships I've found in these communities.