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Alexandria VA 22314
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My process is a combination of intuitive drawing, conscious shaping and layering, and the search for my spontaneous 5-year old self.

I have no idea what the painting will be when I start.  Each one begins with marks made with crayons and paint, and then a conversation between my arm, my eyes, my feelings, and the surface of the painting takes over.  Marks are made and covered up, imagery is created, erased, and restored in a new form. I keep working until the surface feels interesting, and I use color, line, shape and plane changes to express my feelings about what I see, remember, or invent.

I am a founding member of the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria Virginia where I am a resident artist.  In the summer I am part of the Smalling–Finsen Studio + Gallery in Penobscot Maine and am part of the Deer Isle Artists Association in Deer Isle.